These 3 Products Have Helped Me Save Massive Amounts on My Energy Bill Every Month

Are you someone who holds off on deciding when to officially turn on the A/C in your home every summer?  It’s great that you are trying to save some energy, but what if there was another solution to keeping your energy bill low and your home comfortably cool.  Do yourself a favor and check out these products to give yourself some extra summer savings.


  1. TP-LINK Wi-Fi Smart Plug

We all know that summer schedules can get hectic and people tend to rush out the door for kid’s baseball games or the nearest pool party.  With this device, you will no longer have to stress on whether or not you left that extra light on.  The Smart Plug is an easy way for you to conserve money on the go, simply from your tablet or smart phone.  Once you have made it to your destination, simply control all devices via the free app.  Going on a weekend camping trip?  This product can be utilized as a security device to give off the appearance that you are home.  Yet really, you’re out enjoying the summer worry free.  The Smart Plug is the perfect device for any busy family when it comes to keeping their home protected and savings simple.


  1. iHome iSPF WiFl Smart Plug

If you’re wanting to boost your savings and make your typical lights and appliances a little bit cooler, then this Smart Plug is the solution for your costly energy problems.  This device is compatible with other smart products that you may already posses, such as the Apple HomeKit or Amazon Echo.  No need to download anymore more apps or deal with monthly fees, all your appliances can be controlled though your wifi.  Just tell Siri if you left the TV on or if you would like to create a timer for the heater; your wish is her command.


  1. Wemo Switch

Summer time is occupied with vacation and family gatherings.  Most nights are filled making memories next to a campfire or on the beach.  Worrying about your home will be the last thing on your mind with the Wemo Switch.  No only can you control all plugged in lights and appliances, but the Wemo Switch is smart enough to confuse strangers or potential burglars.  This device possesses an “Away Mode” that will randomly turn lights on and off as a security for your home.  Even all of your lights and appliances can be set to turn on as soon as they know you’re home.  The Wemo Switch is a great product that will allow you to enjoy your summer worry free.


All three of these devices would be a great addition to any home for some sweet, sustainable savings.  Use the extra cash to give your family one of the most memorable summers ever.  All your neighbors will be jealous when you return talking about the best vacation ever, simply because you chose to be more energy efficient.



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