4 Ways to Clean Up Your Kitchen Just in Time for Spring

Although we’re only nearing the end of January, spring is right around the corner and there is no better time than now to begin cleaning up the kitchen area of your home. Over the holidays we tend to accumulate many cooked leftovers, excess cooking supplies, and more. Let’s set the new year off right by removing some of the unnecessary clutter and baggage sitting around in our kitchen.

  1. Pitch the overdue leftovers

With the holidays over and enough cooked food to feed a college football team, most of us will end up putting all that extra food in the fridge. You know how it goes, you’ll occasionally snack on the leftovers, but the odds of actually finishing it all are slim to none. Do this instead: Pitch it.

Either the food has already gone bad, or you don’t need it.

  1. Throw away any expired or unused cooking supplies

I can already hear some people pointing and yelling at their computer, “BUT it’s still good!! Why throw it out and waste it? I might use it soon!!” I’m not saying throw out everything, but take inventory of what you have sitting your cupboard and ask yourself when is the last time you used it. If it’s been six months or longer, pitch it. You’ll get more use out of your cabinet space than saving the $4.00 bottle of organic coconut oil.

  1. Consider cleaning your trash can or purchasing a new one

No one knows how it happens. You buy a brand new trash can and within a few months it has multiple pieces of gum stuck to the bottom, paper towels covered in who-knows-what, and a pungent smell that is only there when the trash bag is removed. You keep telling yourself to buy a new one, but as soon as the new trash bag is in, it’s like the can is perfectly fine. Time to get rid of it.

If you’re a frugal person, you might consider just taking it out back and hosing it down or moving it to the garage for ‘that trash’. Otherwise a new, affordable garbage can from Rubbermaid is in order. If you’re feeling fancy and want something a little nicer consider this beauty that was developed in Silicon Valley. You don’t even have to touch it, except to remove the trash bag of course.

Now if you’re feeling really fancy, take a look at the Geni Can. A little barcode scanner that attaches to everything from the economical Rubbermaid to the 24k gold plated trash can (yes it exists, google it). This fancy little device allows you to scan the box you threw out and sends that item to a list on your smart phone so you know what to purchase at the store.

  1. Re-Organize Your Utensils

Now that your cabinets have been cleaned, it’s time to move to the utensils. If you have knives randomly laying around in various drawers and they’re stuck way out of arms reach, then it’s time to re-organize them. If you’re crafty, purchase a couple of these small neodymium magnets, some super glue, and a piece of hardwood and create your own magnetic strip where your knives can hang from.

Or, if you’d rather just purchase one, this guy to the right is more than enough to hold all your knives and more.

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