9 Ways Smart Products Can Improve Your Home’s Value

Are you considering selling your house?  Would you like to make your home more energy efficient?  These 9 products will help you to create a “smart home” and people are going to love the benefit of sustainable energy.  Add these products to your home’s description and it will for sure be an eye catcher for future homeowners.


  1. Smart Smoke Detectors

Dinner_Smoke_Alarm_SignWe all know the irritating feeling of when you accidentally burn dinner and just know the smoke detector will go off to remind you of your amazing cooking skills.  Well with a smart smoke detector, you no longer have to fan out your house until it goes off.  With this smart product you can now silence it directly from your phone.  Other amazing features detect Carbon Monoxide, humidity and your home’s indoor air quality.  The smart smoke detector has an advanced sensor that can respond better to slow burning fires.  This product has the ability to alert other smoke alarms in the house as soon as one goes off.  Be sure to invest in this smart product to allow everyone in your home to be alerted and get to safety faster. Smart smoke detectors will have your back when it comes to dangerous fires and your home’s quality of air.


  1. Smart Door Locks

Do you have family visiting or allowing someone to house sit while you are gone on vacation?  With Smart Door Locks you can grant guests and family members to have temporary access with virtual keys though any smart phone.  No more worries about getting extra keys made or fear that you may lose one.  You can virtually network your doors and allow them to become unlocked for anyone at anytime by your command.  This smart product can also be connected to any smart thermostat to allow you to set your energy consumption on “Away” mode to save your family some money while you’re out enjoying summer.

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  1. Smart Sprinkler System

Do you exactly know when the best time is to water your home’s lawn during the heat of the summer?  If your grass still looks a miserable brown, you need to invest in a smart sprinkler system.  Smart sprinkler systems have an advanced built in software that analyzes the weather and knows just when to water your lawn all on its own.  No matter what type of grass your home has or how much sunlight it gets exposed to, this product will give you the best looking lawn in the neighborhood.  Give yourself one less worry this summer and save on that monthly water bill with a smart sprinkler system.


  1. Smart Home Security System

Most homes have the standard security system, but why not upgrade to a smart home security system?  The added features not only keep your house secured, but allow you to to connect with all other smart devices within your home.  Control all of your electrical appliances by a click of your smart phone.  This product allows you to trick outsiders that you are home and can save you tons of money when you left in a hurry and forgot to hit the off switch.  Never doubt yourself again and be certain that your summer cannot be troubled by any intruders with a new smart home security system.

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  1. Smart Security Cameras

Make you average security cameras see more than what they are positioned for.  If you don’t need constant footage, the new smart security cameras can be set to only turn on when they detect motion.  These smart cameras are suitable for indoors or out.  You can easily check on your family, home, or pets while you are away or out on the beach.   This smart system allows you to check out video footage conveniently from your smart phone.  Quickly alert police if an intruder or anything suspicious comes out of the cameras footage.  Relax and enjoy your summer safely with smart security cameras.


  1. Smart Thermostat

Would you like to have more control over the heating and cooling in you home?  A smart thermostat can save you money and make you feel more comfortable within your home.  This smart product can detect whether you or any family members are home and will automatically reduce its temperature setting depending on the time of the year.  You no longer have to stress about family members messing with the temperature, a smart thermostat has you covered.  You can even set the product to keep up with your busy work schedule. When you are predicted to be home soon this thermostat will automatically adjust itself to your desired temp.  A smart thermostat can keep up with any summer schedule and still save you money.


  1. Smart Garage Door Openers

We all have our automatic garage door openers, but these devices only work within a certain range of homes.  Have you ever driven to work and couldn’t remember if you closed the garage or not?  Clearly, your standard door opener will not work from the distance of your work.  With smart garage door openers, you can check your smart phone to see if you really did leave it open or not.  Make your crazy mornings a little less hectic with a smart garage door opener.


  1. Smart Home Lighting

Lights are the most popular electrical device that we tend to forget about when we rush out of the door.  One light may not seem like a big deal, but if it happens on more than one occasion it can easily raise your electrical bill.  Keep your payments low this summer with smart home lighting.  Adjust your light system to be in sync with your family’s schedule.  Sensors can detect when someone has entered a room and will turn on accordingly.  Download apps on your smart phone to even control the brightness and color for the perfect romantic dinner or movie night.  Light up your home the correct way with a smart lighting system.


  1. Smart Appliances

If you love being in control of all your other electrical devices in the home, then you will also approve of smart appliances.  It’s just another way to make your life at home a little easier through the convenience of your smart phone.  Not only can you control whether appliances need to be on or off, but you can also receive notifications upon any problems that may occur soon.  With smart appliances, you will keep your products in the best of shape and under your control at anytime of the day.

These nine smart systems will make you have the coolest smart home that you’ve always dreamed of.  No one can argue with the convenience and security that comes with these products, especially when they keep your wallet happy.  Everyone will fall in love with your smart home, choose to invest now!9_Ways_Smart_Home_Products_Can_Improve_Your_Homes_Value_Pinterest

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