August Smart Lock Review

August Smart Lock Review

AugustSmartLockWith all the do-it-yourself home improvement ideas circuiting around the notion of having a smart lock to replace one’s regular deadbolt has recently came to surface. There are several different types of smart locks currently on the market and the August Smart Lock offers a simplistic replacement for home owners wishing to advance their lock systems.


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Benefits of the August Smart Lock


The installation of this product is extremely simple and fast. It takes about ten to fifteen minutes to install the lock system to your door. The lock fits into most standard cylinder dead bolts and is delivered with all the equipment needed to install the device. First, it is recommended to use the tape issued with the lock to keep the outer piece of one’s former deadbolt in place.

The product comes with a metal plate in which you simply place the provided padding on the plate and then the plate is screwed into the door after being aligned with the outermost part of the prior lock. The smart lock comes with three separate lock adapters and the user will only use the one that is compatible with their prior lock. The smart lock then firmly locks into place. This process makes installation a fast and user friendly way to upgrade your lock system.

Elegant Design

The August Smart Lock has a sophisticated look that comes in four different colors. The product is offered in dark grey, silver, red, and champagne. This allows the buyer to be able to pick the perfect match for their home design.

Smart Phone Connectivity

This device is paired with your smart phone in order to operate. The buyer simply downloads the August application from their app store and sets an account up. Setting up an account is fast and easy. One logs in and go through various tasks, such as listing your phone number and uploading a picture, in order to verify their August account. From there one can controls many special features for this device.


Many people leave town every now and again and are forced to give a friend a key to their place in order to take of their potential pets or plants. This app allows you to program when a person is allowed to unlock your door and for how long. Also, if one wanted to give a person permanent access than that person can then use their phone to unlock the door freely.

The owner can also see when a person enters their home via the application. The August app saves a log of when a person unlocks and locks your door. Being able to assign permanent and temporary access to your home without the need to duplicate keys would be a convenience for most.

Smart Features

Have you ever left the house only to arrive to your destination to realize you didn’t remember if you had locked your door? The app allows the user to see if the door is locked and can even lock the door for you while you’re away. The lock is equipped on the inside of your home, which means the outside remains the same as before. Meaning one can always use their key to go in and out without having to worry about not being able to enter their premises because their phone died. From the inside one can manually lock the deadbolt or just use their phone as well.


You won’t have to worry about spending a fortune on upgrading your lock system. The average cost of the August Smart Lock is two hundred and forty one dollars. It’s a great deal for the multiple features and quick installation. This product is ran by batteries, but the producer suggests the batteries should last for a year with regular use. You won’t have to be bothered about constantly spending money on multiple battery changes throughout the month.


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Drawbacks of the August Smart Lock


The August app is capable of pairing with another application named Everlock. The concept of the pairing is that when unlocking your door you can have a set amount of time in which the door will automatically lock after closing the door. The problem with this is if you accidentally leave your key and phone in the house you are then locked out of your home. The concept of having a door that locks itself has potential; however, if you happen to be a forgetful person than I suggest not using this feature.

This also brings up the topic of lack of diversity when it comes to ways of accessing the home. There is no option for a pin pad or key card in the chance that the user does forgets their key or phone.

Unlocking Features

The application also has a feature in which when the lock detects your phone approaching the door then lock automatically unlocks, which again sounds useful. This may be a bad feature to take advantage of though. In the chance your phone is stolen the person in possession of your phone now has access to your home without having to log on to your account. This is another feature I wouldn’t activate myself.


Technical Details and Compatibility

See details about compatibility and more.



This product is a lovely way to technologically advance your home. It’s design goes compliments most interiors, the features allows one to monitor who is going in and out of their home, and it helps easily keep your home safe. If you’re looking for a smart lock that is easy to install and simple to use than the August Smart Lock is a terrific choice for you.

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