Automate and Simplify This Year’s Lights and Decorations for Less than $50!

With the temperatures dropping and winter weather coming it’s no doubt that Christmas and other holiday decorations will be making their way out of the attic. With this in mind, why not take a proactive approach to simplifying and streamlining how all of your lights and decorations are powered?

For less than $50, there are an array of smart products that give you the power to control and automate everything from your lights to your tree from the tips of your fingers.

tp_smart_plug1. First on our list is the TP-Link Smart Plug. This little gadget works as an intermediary between your plug and whatever is being plugged in. Maybe it’s the lights to your Christmas tree or it’s the final connection between your indoor lights. Either way this plug allows you to control the power that is flowing to your decorations from your smart phone.

All you need is a Wi-Fi connection and a smartphone. With it, you can control your lights from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection, set a schedule for the power to be turned on or off, set a countdown timer and so much more. If you decide to purchase multiple plugs, you can even group them together for easy scheduling and powering.

The plug operates from a single app and does not require a hub to operate. If you run into problems, there’s even a 24/7 toll free help line for anything you encounter.

2. Now that we’ve tackled some of the indoor lights, let’s take a look at the outdoor ones. Since Winter has some cold, wet, and nasty weather, you need something that can handle the elements. Luckily for you, General Electric has a very reliable outdoor module you can control from a physical switch or your phone (as long as you have a z-wave hub).

3. Even if you don’t have a z-wave hub, that doesn’t mean you have to be left out in the cold. Almost two years ago Sylvania released a set of 9 outdoor LED lights that can be controlled from your smartphone. These garden lights stake into the ground and have the ability to be dimmed, scheduled, and color adjusted.

You don’t need a hub to operate these lights and they can be installed in 15 minutes or less. The long lasting LED’s use less than 13 watts and will last for years to come. The starter kit comes with 9 lights, which are spread out over 14 feet, and includes the stakes, mounting tape, and power supply. If that still isn’t enough, Sylvania also offers an extension kit so you can further extend your coverage.


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