Become a Pokemon Master 3x Faster with These Simple Devices!

Imagine this… You’ve been walking around all evening searching for what appears to be the silhouette of a Pickachu when all of the sudden you realize your phone’s battery has become less than 5%. What do you do? Do your risk missing out on yet another Pickachu or do you gamble it and start walking a bit faster?

This may not be the first time you’ve ran out of battery while training to become the world’s next Pokemon master, so why must you always end your journey so soon? There’s no longer a need to remain constrained by your phone’s battery. Stay at all night if you must to become the very best, like no one ever was with this affordable portable battery chargers for your smart phone!

The Anker Power Core packs 3350 mAh of juice to your smart phone for continuous play all night long. With its convenient size and easy portability this charger can easily be carried in your back pocket for poke-hunting all night long.


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The iMuto portable charger brings a whopping 20000mAh of power all in your back pocket. Its slim wallet shape and led screen promptly displays the percentage of power available for your device. The lithium ion battery is sure to last charge after charger until you catch em’ all!


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The Crave is a crowd favorite with its slick features, rounded edges, and compact size. This charger is stylish yet affordable, with the price sitting at $16.99 as of writing this.

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