Interior Design: Achieve Magazine-Like Results Using These Simple Methods

Is it time to give your home a bit of a color boost?  Are you holding off on this process simply because you are afraid to experiment with color schemes in your own home?  Redecorating is not always easy and some people just don’t have the eye for design or time to do it.  Your home is begging for some oomph and it honestly it is not that complicated and we can make it fun.  Here are 10 beneficial tips to feed your brain some inspiration for you outdated home.


1. A great starting point is to pick a color within the scheme of the largest pattern in your room. This can include colorful curtains, a patterned rug or a statement art piece.  Within this fun pattern, it will be easy to pull out the secondary colors you would like to incorporate throughout the rest of the room.  If your walls are more neutral, find patterns consisting of beiges and whites for a subtler look.

2. Once you have chosen your colors, it looks best to vertically beautify from dark to light. This will help to even out the contrast of colors within the room without too much of a decorating risk.  On the floor, incorporate your darker hues, as for the walls try medium hues and light hues for your ceiling.Dining_Room

3. To give a steady flow of colors within your home, start first with the formal areas of your home. Living rooms, dining rooms and entry ways are prime statement areas to reflect on.  Pick a color scheme to utilize in these areas then incorporate one of the principal colors to tone down and use as an accent for other living spaces.  An example of this would be utilizing a red statement piece within your formal area and then toning it down to a burgundy for the adjacent rooms.

4. Don’t be afraid to use the good ole Color Wheel as a helpful color reference for color scheming. Corresponding color arrangements, such as blue and green, represent a casual and relaxing mood.  This works perfectly for a bedroom or private space within your home.

5. Do you happen to notice a pattern of colors in your closet or the clothes you buy? If you just realized you tend to look good in certain colors, then you are likely to find the same colors flattering within your home.  Use your closet as inspiration!  Is denim your must?  Then look into a navy sofa.  If you love bright oranges, don’t be afraid to mix in a few accent pieces to tie the room all together.

6. No matter what color scheme you use, it is suggested by designers to add just a hint of black within each room of your home. It doesn’t have to represent any large pieces, but maybe add a black pillow, or vase.  For a bigger impression, paint a dresser in you bed room black or your base cabinets in the kitchen.  This adds high-drama and helps to articulate the rest of the colors within the room

7. It’s ok to go with grays. This is one the biggest trends in today’s home designs and modernization.  Grays have the ability to appear either warm or cool and will easily pair with any set of pastels or bright colors to beautifully pair within your room.

Black_White_Accent_Room_Interior_Design8. If you are unsure how to evenly distribute certain colors within a room look into the 60-30-10 rule. Similar to the vertical decorating rule, 60% of your dominant color will make up your walls, 30% of the secondary color can be applied to your upholstery and 10% of accent colors can be made into your fun accessories to spice up the room.  This 60-30-10 rule will ensure a proper balance to keep colors interesting and decorating easy.

9. Does your home have any unusually small rooms or spaces? Your first instinct may be to paint it white to appear bigger, but professionals say to give it a statement color to give your home some liveliness.  It’s best to let your bigger rooms magnify with light and your smaller spaces to envelop your personality.

10. If you are still afraid to go bold on new colors, you can never go wrong with the timeless pairing of black and white. The number one dynamic duo will always be a chic style that will never die down.  It’s simple to have one accent color with the pair such as a metallic gold or bright red.


If you still need some guidance on colors, there is a wonderful website to give yourself inspiration on discovering new colors that may reflect your style.  This website is the ultimate guide in color scheming.  It celebrates colors that are found within nature and shows off the aesthetic of purposeful living.  Checking out the various schemes will even sooth your mind, they are so warming for your brain and soul.  Find which colors will warm your home here:

All of these simple tips will allow you to showcase your personal style within your home.  Guests will appreciate your honest decorating style knowing it fits you well.  You will be the next one to give the decorating tips to your friends by feeding them inspiration from your brilliant home.  You will be seen as a pro, when really you just followed these ten beneficial tips.


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