Kwikset Kevo 925 Bluetooth Smart Lock Review

Kwikset Kevo 925 Bluetooth Door Lock

For over 60 years Kwikset has engineered and manufactured a complete line of door locks, deadbolts, knobs, and more. Kwikset prides itself on producing reliable products every homeowner can use. So when the Kwikset Kevo 925 bluetooth lock was released, it was something that had to be tested.


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From the fact that you don’t have to have a smart phone to use this lock to its subtle design makes it perfect for any home. People that are used to traditional locks will find the transition easy as you may still use a traditional key in addition to your smart phone or “Fob key”.

Available in three colors: Satin Nickel, Lifetime Polished Brass, Venetian Bronze


The lock is powered by 4 AA batteries that the manufacturer claims “provides up to a year of use” before having to be replaced. If connected to your phone you’ll receive a notification the batteries are getting low. The lock itself will also notify you by beeping in a specific pattern to let you know the batteries are low.


Benefits of the Kwikset Kevo 925

Just a touch opens it up

You do not need to enter a pin number, slide a card, or even use a key! As long as you have your smart device or fob key within range all you need to do is touch the lock and give it a second to authenticate your presence. The lock will then light up green and unlatch the deadbolt!

Bluetooth enabled

This lock is Bluetooth enabled so you won’t even have to touch your smart device to unlock your door. As long as it’s in your pocket with the app running in the background and the Bluetooth is turned on, all you will need to do is simply tap on the lock.

Fob Key Access
A ‘fob’ key and traditional key

A fob key is basically a small device you can attach to your key ring that acts as an authenticator to your lock. With this you do not even need a smart device to use this lock. Let me repeat, “You DO NOT need a smart device to use this lock.” As long as the fob key is in your pocket or close proximity to your door, than you can rest assured that as soon as you tap on the lock you will be able to open your door.

Traditional key access

This lock also provides the option of using a traditional key. So even if your phone has died and you can’t remember where you put the fob key, as long as you have the traditional key on your key ring you’ll be able to get inside. So if you have a stubborn spouse that doesn’t like the sound of a smart lock, this may help them transition into the 21st century!

You can give electronic keys

Maybe your in-laws are staying in town for the week or your teenage daughter has lost her house key again, with the Kwikset app you can give electronic keys out that are valid for ‘x’ period of time or are permanent. With a couple taps on your phone, you can give your guest access to your home in just a few a minutes. You’ll also have complete control over the electronic keys, so if your guest is leaving early you can take that key back without any problems.

Unlike traditional keys, these electronic keys cannot be duplicated. You’ll always know who has access to your home, and can even control the time and day when a key is valid.

Gives you a history

The app has a great history feature which shows you who has opened the lock, who has closed the lock, and when it happened. This is great for people with multiple house guests or who might have a dog walker, a babysitter, or house cleaner.

Military grade security

In addition to the built-in encryption of Bluetooth, the lock also utilizes multiple levels of military grade PKI encryption. This is basically technical jargon for, “Your lock’s data is very well protected.”

Available on all devices

The Kevo app is now available on Apple iOS, select Android 5.0, and Lollipop devices


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Drawbacks of the Kwikset Kevo 925


Additional electronic keys are going to cost you

The kit comes with two electronic keys per account, however if you wish to have additional electronic keys, it’s going to cost you an additional $1.99. If you ask me, this seems kind of silly if Kwikset is making you go through all this trouble for an addition $2.


Technical Details and compatibility

See specifications here

Compatible with:

iOS Devices

  • iPhone 4s
  • iPod Touch 5+
  • iPhone 5
  • iPad 3+
  • iPhone 5c
  • iPad Mini
  • iPhone 5s
  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 6 plus

Android Devices

  • HTC One M9
  • Nexus 6
  • Nexus 9
  • Samsung Galaxy S5
  • Samsung Galaxy S6
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Edge



Overall, I would highly recommend this lock to anyone that’s even remotely curious about these types of products. After the calibration is set up correctly, the lock works phenomenally and makes life so much easier, especially when I have a handful of groceries and my keys are in my back pocket. Just a touch on the satin nickel finish and I can get to the dinner table before my forearm strength gives out. The lock isn’t too flashy design-wise either. Apart from the led ring on the front, it looks like any regular old lock you would install.

Lastly, I love the idea of the fob key. The fob key makes the product usable for anyone, whether you have a smart device or not. It takes some time getting used to a smart lock and with the ability to use a fob key or traditional key, that transition is much smoother.


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