This is the Last Phone Charger You Will Ever Buy for your iPhone!

Everyone knows the charging cable that comes with your iPhone or other Apple device eventually wears out and becomes useless. It is surprising Apple has not utilized a magnetized charging port for their mobile devices like they have for their laptops. Fortunately for us, some innovative companies have created a similar version for our favorite little smart phones.

Image property of ASAP Technologies.
Image property of ASAP Technologies.

The ‘ASAP Connector’ claims it is “The Future of USB” with their 18k gold-plated, USB charging cable. This cable is an impressive redesign of the stock cable that comes with your Apple device. Vinson Leow is the poster of the IndieGoGo campaign where this cord is listed. This technology has existed since 2014 but has not come to the mass western markets. ASAP Technologies has found an opening and taken advantage of it.

While there are many similar cords found on Amazon, ASAP Technologies brands itself as being one of the premiere choices and most likely of the highest quality. Unfortunately, if you’re ready to buy one now, you’ll have to either buy an off brand one found here, or wait until this October when ASAP Technologies releases theirs.

How these chargers work is there is a small lightning-style connector that plugs into the bottom of your phone and stays in there. This little piece is magnetized and attracts the other end of the charger, which can freely move on or off without going in and out of the phone.

You can see the IndieGoGo campaign here:



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