Philips Hue Lux LED Smart Bulb Review

Philips Hue Lux Connected Home LED Smart Bulb Starter Kit Review

The Phillips Hue Lux starter kit is a great entry level item for consumers looking to get into the world of home automation. In short, it’s simple, sleek, compatible with many systems, and offers room to grow. These four factors make it an ideal buy especially at its price point. Philips Hue Lux LED Smart Bulb

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This starter kit comes with 2 lux bulbs, equivalent to 60w, along with the ever so important Philips bridge. These lux bulbs produce gorgeous warm white light that can easily be adjusted to fit any setting or mood. Setup is simple; each bulb easily screws into your standard light fixture and communicates with your smartphone, tablet, and more.

Connecting to your smart device is a matter of plugging the bridge into your wifi adapter and then following the onscreen instructions that guide you through the process. With this starter kit, there is no need to set any codes, adjust router settings, or any other tech-heavy mumbo jumbo. Plug, play, and you’re ready to go.


Benefits of the Philips Hue Lux Bulbs

Similar to many of the other smart bulbs out there, the Philips hue lux is not much different when it comes to the basic features many smart bulbs offer. However, these bulbs are specifically white, which allows for some variation in the intensity and shade of the white as opposed to the GE smart bulbs.

The design of the bulb

For me, I am a huge fan of the design of these bulbs. They don’t look like your traditional light bulb and I believe this adds a modern feel to the look of your home. They look futuristic and have a contemporary design to them in their curved ‘A’ frame shape.

Clean white light

Although it is not a pure white color, these bulbs appear to have a brighter white than most other bulbs I have had the chance to experiment with. With these bulbs you have the ability to change the color temperature remotely from your smartphone. Maybe you need to focus a bit more, and thus a brighter white will be more beneficial than a cool yellowish tint that may be best when you’re trying to wind down in the evening.

The obvious smartphone control

With all of these smart bulbs, being able to control them from your smartphone is the main feature. The difference between this one and others is the design of the app. Philips has a nice clean app that doesn’t have a lot of clutter in it. This makes it much easier to do the simple task of turning the lights on or off. Then, for the even more complex tasks, such as setting a timer, it’s easy to access that feature from the home screen.


The ability to add more bulbs

Because you are required to buy the bridge, Philips does allow you to add up to 50 more devices to a single bridge. This makes it easy to have multiple lights all controlled from the palm of your hand.


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The downsides

The Philips hue lux bulb is a bit cheaper than its more colorful brother, but it still has some aspects I’m not a huge fan of.

The price and bridge

Coming in at roughly $20-$30 a bulb isn’t extremely bad, but it is not cheap. Not to mention there is a larger introductory cost considering you have to buy the starter kit to get the required bridge, otherwise your bulbs are just bulbs.

May not fit in all spaces

I do like the contemporary design, but I have found these bulbs to be just a tad longer than your standard incandescent bulbs. This isn’t a big deal for me personally, but there may be some spaces where placing the bulb may be difficult with a little bit of added length.


Technical Details

  • Brightness: 750
  • Temperature: 2700K
  • Life: 25,000 hours
  • Energy Used: 9 watts



If you can stomach the price these bulbs are a great investment and the majority of people are going to be very pleased with how they work. Philips is a very reputable company and seems to be making strides in this emerging market. Once you have the bridge there are many more possibilities for lighting arrangements and fixtures you can add and customize. You should be more than delighted after you have everything set up. If you’re not willing to pay the expensive price I would suggest moving towards a more wallet-friendly option such as the GE Smart bulb starter pack.


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