LED Smart Bulbs

The Best LED Smart Bulbs

LED Smart Bulbs are becoming one of the most common home automation products to hit the market, and for good reason too. These high-tech smart bulbs allow the user to do things that they may have ever even imagined, all while saving money and the environment.

For example, as long as you have an internet connection you should be able to control just about any smart bulb from anywhere in the world. So next time you go out to dinner and forget to turn off the lights, with a few taps on your smartphone you can turn them off while waiting on your appetizer!

Phillips is turning out to be a large competitor in this niche, but they shouldn’t get comfortable. General Electric, Insteon, Leviton, LIFX, and many more are right behind. LED smart bulbs are coming in all sorts of different colors, and intensities nowadays and companies are making it easy for consumers to have a variety of options.

Of the brands available it’s simply all a matter of preference. Every smart bulb comes in a different shape, size, brightness, lumen, wattage, and price. Don’t be alarmed when price shopping, as these bulbs are significantly more expensive than your standard incandescent light bulb. However, these bulbs will outlast regular incandescent and fluorescent bulbs by anywhere from 10 to 20 years. Simply said, for the price and the features you’ll be getting, it’s definitely worth taking a deeper look into.


Top LED Smart Bulbs

GE-LInk-Starter-Kit-ReviewGE Link Starter Kit (Read Review) – The GE Link Starter Kit is the perfect starting point for anyone wanting to get into the world of home automation and see just what the hype is about LED smart bulbs. These bulbs come in at an affordable price and if you like them as much as everyone else has, you’ll surely be ordering more!


Philips Hue LED Smart Bulbs Starter Pack (Read Review)– A bit of an upgrade form the GE Link Starter kit, the Philips Hue Starter Pack boasts the ability to illuminate over 16 million different colors while producing some dazzling effects. These bulbs are on the pricier side, but may be worth it when you can see what they’re cable of doing.

Phillips-Hue-Lux-Connected-Home-LED-Starter-KitPhilips Hue Lux LED Smart Bulb Starter Pack (Read Review)– Another quality product from Philips, the ‘Hue Lux’ features only white light compared to its more colorful companion. This starter pack offers room to grow and a pair of excellently designed light bulbs that will undoubtedly upgrade your living space into the 21st century.

LIFX-WiFi-Smart-LED-BulbLifx Smart Bulb (Read Review)– The Lifx LED Smart bulb provides a bit of a different experience than its competitors above. This bulb is favored by those with little technical know-how and have no interest in setting up a bridge or hub to get their smart bulbs working.