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The Best Smart Televisions and Home Audio

Today’s TV’s and home audio systems are vastly different from the ones you may have only bought just 5 years ago. Advancements in energy usage, lighting display, and sound distribution have contributed to better performing and higher quality home entertainment products. Couple that with the ability to integrate your smart phone and you’ll have the perfect night to kick back in front of the TV or the perfect sound to start the party.

Smart Televisions

There are a few important factors you must consider before deciding on what TV you want to purchase. Apart from the screen size, there are even more factors such as how the TV is lit, resolution, refresh rate, and the smart capability.

The backlight of the TV is what gives you the true blacks and bright highlights on the screen. Usually each TV states how it is lit in its title. For example, there are LED’s and plasmas. LED is probably the most common one and for good reason too. They’re energy efficient, don’t way a whole lot, and can be very bright. This has made them a popular choice for manufacturers’ as well as consumers.

Plasma televisions were a huge hit when they first came to the market, but since LED’s have come out the popularity of plasmas has gone down. Plasmas are great for bringing strong contrast and providing more than enough light to the screen. They’ll give you the ability to see everything in that dark movie scene even if you’re watching it at 2 in the afternoon.

Resolution is simply how many pixels are used to create the moving pictures you see on screen. I’m sure you’ve at least heard of 1080p or 720p. Generally speaking, the higher number of pixels, the greater the resolution, and thus better picture quality. 1080p is considered Full High Definition. Most TV’s will run 1920×1080 which means there are 1920 pixels running across and 1080 running vertically.

Now where do 4K TV’s play into this?

4K TV’s feature four times as many pixels as your standard 1080p television. In other words, it now becomes 3840 by 2160 instead of 1920 by 1080. The debate that sparks from this is whether or not this makes a difference and can even be detected by the human eye. While some argue you would have to be sitting inches away to even really notice a difference, others claim the difference is obvious sitting a normal difference away. If you ask me, for the price, the 1920 by 1080 will work just fine, considering there is a larger price tag on the 4K.

You’ve seen those animated flip books where you thumb through a few hundred pictures and it creates a sort of video right there in your hands. Those still images that flash for a split second are what create the illusion of motion. Televisions do the exact same thing, and the speed of the images being flashing on the screen is called the refresh rate. The faster the refresh rate the smoother the picture tends to be.

One of the more important features since you’re on this site is the smart capability. These new smart TV’s aren’t just TV’s anymore. They have basically turned into computers for the purpose of entertainment. Just about any smart TV you buy today will have the ability to connect to your wireless network and give you access to all of your favorite programs and websites. Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and more are sitting right there in your living room. Now you can share those funny cat videos with the whole family!


Top Smart TV’s

VisioCSeriesSmartTVMainVizio E-Series-C1 1080p Smart LED HDTV (Review Coming Soon – See Amazon Reviews) – Vizio is known for their high quality electronics and this TV is no different. With full HD display and a countless number of apps this smart TV is the top choice for its design, display, and price.


LGSmartTVMainLG Electronics 42LF5800 1080p Smart LED TV (Review Coming Soon – See Amazon Reviews) – This smart TV has received Energy Star’s Most Efficient of 2015 award, with an operating cost of roughly $7 year. In addition to its energy efficiency it features a TruMotion 120HZ refresh rate which reduces blur and yields crisp detail.

Smart Home Audio

The right smart home audio system really depends on a few factors such as how big your home is, who you’re looking to entertain, and your budget. A wireless bluetooth speaker should be enough for a single person who wants a little more sound when doing small tasks such as studying, cleaning, cooking, or showering. However if you have a larger home and you’re looking to fill it with rich robust sound, you’re going to need something with a little more ‘oomph’!

Below is a collection of the top three products I would recommend from personal systems all the way up to full house entertainment.

Top Smart Home Audio Systems

BoseSoundLinkMiniMainBose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker (Review Coming Soon – See Amazon Reviews) – A big punch in a small package, this Bose Speaker brings the incredible sound in a compact design; everything we would expect from a company like Bose. With a rechargeable battery that plays for up to 7 hours you’ll run out of music before you run out of juice!

VisioSoundBarWithSubwooferSatelliteSpeakersMainVIZIO Sound Bar w/ Subwoofer & Satellite Speakers (Review Coming Soon – See Amazon Reviews) – This sound bar comes with a wireless subwoofer and rear satellite speakers to bring you a 5.1 channel system. This is a great addition to any TV to bring movie theatre quality sound or double as an excellent home stereo system.

SonosPlaySystemMainSONOS Play System (Review Coming Soon – See Amazon Reviews) – The SONOS play system brings exceptional sound in every room of your house without having to run wires everywhere. This system connects to your wireless network and gives you complete control of every room of the house.