Smart Home Security

The Best Smart Home Security Systems

Peace of mind is typically what you’re buying when you’re looking for a home security system, but is it really worth that hefty price every month? Today’s smart home security systems provide an affordable alternative to pricey monthly subscriptions, many of which perform the same functions you may already have.

Many of today’s leading electronics manufacturers are producing high quality video camera systems, motion sensing cameras, and more. Even if you already have a system in place, wouldn’t you mind paying less every month while maintaining the same features and protection?

Keep in mind when you’re searching for a new security system or an alternative to your current one you must realize the tradeoff between the two. Some of the smart security systems below have the option to pay for a monthly subscription that will keep your home monitored by a third party. This is similar to many traditional home security system companies at a fraction of the price. However most smart home security systems do not offer extended monitoring. Instead, you’ll receive alerts to your smart device after something has been triggered.

Depending on your situation this could be beneficial, especially if you have a pet that may often trigger a motion sensing alarm, or you frequently have trouble with setting off false alarms. Overall, if you don’t have any sort of home security currently in place, any of these items are a great start. Even if you do have one installed, whether by yourself or a professional company, these products will make a great addition and give you added peace of mind.


Top Home Security Systems

ArloHomeSecurityMain Arlo Smart Home Security Camera System (Read Review Here) – A simple, wireless security system designed by Netgear brings you weatherproof motion detection, night vision, and more in a compact package. The kit includes 2 HD cameras that can be placed nearly anywhere along with an easy to use app that notifies you when something is up!

SimpliSafe2HomeSecurityMainSimplisafe Wireless Home Security System (Read Review Here) – Very similar to your traditional home security system, this 8 piece package gives you everything need to secure your home. In addition, SimpliSafe features expert monitoring specialists that will provide even more security to your home for a small monthly fee.

CanaryHomeSecurityMainCanary All-in-One Home Security Device (Review Coming Soon – See Amazon Reviews) – Probably the most basic of the three, the Canary is a one piece system containing three very important features. HD video, which can be instantly sent to your phone if there is something out of the ordinary in addition to a 90+db siren and a direct connection to local police, fire, or EMS.