Smart Locks & Doorbells

The Best Smart Locks

Today’s smart locks provide an enormous amount of advantages compared to your average lock and deadbolt you probably have installed right now. Unwanted guests stay out, but what if you need to let the housekeeper in during certain hours of the day? Or maybe you want to keep an eye on who your teen is letting into your house while you’re away on vacation.

Forget your keys or worried that you may have not locked the door when you left? No worries! These new, high-tech locks allow you to unlock or lock your door from your smartphone. Even if you’re a block down the street, or all the way across the U.S.

Hands full of grocery bags and keys in the back pocket? We’ve all been there and you’re stuck setting everything down to reach you keys or fumbling around only to drop the eggs you wanted for breakfast tomorrow morning. These locks are able to detect when you come within a certain distance and unlock the door automatically for you!

Smart locks today bring a new element to home automation with the attractive designs you’ll love and the technology you can’t live without.

Every consumer should pay attention should pay attention to at least these two important factors when purchasing a new smart lock.


 1. The size of the lock

Many smart lock manufacturers have a specification window in which your existing door must fall in order for the lock to be installed properly. The most common specifications are the face hole, latch hole, and door thickness. I would recommend taking measurements of your existing door and lock before purchasing a new one, whether it’s a smart one or not.

2. Compatibility

If this is your first home automation product, you need not to worry about compatibility issues. However if you already have a hub or bridge setup where you want to add your smart lock to, you will need to check whether or not it is compatible. Certain locks only work on certain systems and while some can be interchangeable that is not the case for all of them. Each smart lock listed below does not require any hub and can be used with only your smartphone.


 Top Smart Locks


Kwikset 925 Kevo Smart Lock (Read Review) – Kwikset has been a leader in the lock industry for years so it comes to no surprise when they released the 925 Kevo that provides a simple, yet high tech way to access and secure your home.


Samsung Ezon SHS-3320 (Read Review) – A company that is more widely known for their phones and other personal electronics has taken a huge step forward by releasing the Ezon SHS-3320. It’s slick design and numeric key pad are just a few of the many features consumers love about this product.

August Smart Lock (Read Review) – A product that initially experienced a rough start is now making significant gains with vast improvements in its software and functionality. The August Smart Lock is an easy install that gives homeowners a bluetooth enabled, keyless entry.




Top Video Doorbells

Since we’re already on the topic of locks, most of which will already be installed on your front or side door, it’s worth mentioning doorbells. As an added layer of security when someone rings your doorbell you’re able to see the visitor right from your smartphone. The new wi-fi enabled video doorbells allow you to see through a small camera that is right above the doorbell itself. Even if you’re at work or running an errand you’ll never miss a visitor again. You can communicate with your visitor right from your phone.

I know what you’re thinking now, “Not everyone rings the doorbell, so what about them?” Great question! These video doorbells have motion sensors that trigger an alert when a visitor approaches but doesn’t ring the doorbell. Just as if they did ring the doorbell, you’ll be able to see who’s there and communicate with them if desired. Since these doorbells connect straight to your wifi, there isn’t a need for a hub or bridge like many other home automation products.



Ring Wifi Enabled Video Doorbell (Review Coming Soon – See Amazon Reviews) – With a lifetime purchase protection, quick and easy install, and HD video, the Ring Video Doorbell seems like a no-brainer for any homeowner looking to upgrade their hardware.


Skybell Video Doorbell 2.0 (Review Coming Soon – See Amazon Reviews) – Not a fan of the Ring Doorbell’s larger size? The Skybell Video Doorbell has many of the same features in a much smaller and rounder package. You’ll still experience the quick and easy install along with the HD video and motion sensing hardware!