Samsung Ezon SHS-3320 Review

Samsung Ezon SHS-3320 Review

Life isn’t as steadily paced as it used to be. The human race is constantly on the go; therefore, it only makes sense that one may lose a possession from time to time. Such as the keys to their house.


There may be a way to resolve such a simple problem and that solution may be a digital door lock. In particularly, the Samsung Ezon SHS-3320. This product is an economically savvy way to ensure safety while also embracing technology in order to compensate for one’s fast paced lifestyle.


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Benefits of the Samsung Ezon SHS-3320



There are three separate ways to unlock the deadbolt from the outside. There is a touch pad that allows the user to create a pin code. This pin code can be modified at any given time. House owners that may rent out their homes will find this feature to be helpful. After a current resident moves away the pin code may be immediately changed for the next resident. This saves the time and money of having to change the locks after residents leave the house.

The second way to unlock the door is by a card that the device scans. There is no need to put in a code, simply place your card upon the screen and the deadbolt releases. It also allows up to 70 users via pin code and card. This allows the owner to know who is coming and going in and out of their property.This feature is especially useful for owners that have multiple workers coming and going from the premises.

The final way one may enter the house is by a master key that unlocks the door just as any other lock would work. The lock also features two mechanisms in which one can lock the door from within. The first is a manual lock that works just the same as any other deadbolt and the second is a button on the device in which automatically locks the door for the user after being pressed.


The installation on this product is rather easy. It was developed to virtually fit any door and previous deadlock hole that was installed in your door prior to this device. This allows for a quick set up and can be easily done by oneself instead of having to pay for someone to install it for you.

Sleek Design

The Samsung Ezon SHS-3320 has an eloquent design. The product is slim, mostly black with a silver key hole, and would compliment any style of door. The device contains a touch screen which enhances its modern appearance. It is also created to withstand weather conditions of all types.


This product is currently about two hundred dollars on Amazon. It’s a fairly reasonable price for the extent of features that is incorporated into the product. Although, one may need to replace the product down the road. If you’re looking to upgrade your lock system without breaking your wallet this product is a fairly nice option.

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Drawbacks of the Samsung Ezon SHS-3320

Battery Powered

This product is powered by battery, which may be at an inconvenience if the batteries were to ever run out before the owner were able to replace them. It would be an inconvenience for owners that were away from home for long periods of time. The batteries could run out while the user is away. Samsung has installed a reminder that lights up on the touch pad notifying that the battery is low two weeks prior to the batteries ever dying in attempt to negate the inconvenience of dead batteries.

The company has also placed a 9 volt charge among the side of the device, in which one may use a battery to slightly charge the device in order to open the door. Samsung did an amazing job of covering bases to ensure the user does not get locked out of their home.


This product; unfortunately, lasts for only about a year on average with ten usages per day. Though most of the devices in current use usually last about 2 to 3 years the producer cannot guarantee their product will last to that extent. Being economically reasonable in the price range helps to even out this drawback though.

Technical details and compatibility

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This product is easy to use and possesses a sleek design. It is economically smart for a home owner that wants to conserve money. The multiple settings that allow one to access their home is a major convenience for those on the go. Though it has minor drawbacks, such as the possibility of losing power due to dead batteries and a small lifespan. If you’re searching for a deadbolt that will ensure safety to your family all while being up to date with the technological advances this is the product for you.


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