Schlage Connect BE469NX CAM 619 Deadbolt Review

Schlage Connect BE469NX CAM 619 Touchscreen Deadbolt

Schlage may have built one of the best values for the money when they designed this lock. The Connect BE469NX CAM 619 deadbolt provides the security a home needs (Grade 1 Rating – Highest Residential Security Rating), and the convenience of keyless use without difficult programming or complicated buttons.


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Benefits of the Schlage Connect BE469NX CAM 619

Security rating and built-in alarm

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) provides accreditations to products that meet its stringent requirements. This deadbolt has received its highest rating meaning it is appropriate for main points of entry into your home.

The alarm has three different modes and will activate with a high pitched chirp. Tamper mode activates the alarm whenever the door is shaken, pulled, jimmied, etc. when the deadbolt is locked. Activity mode activates the alarm with two chirps whenever the deadbolt is opened. Finally, forced entry mode activates the alarm anytime there is a significant amount of force hitting the door while it is locked (such as kicking, or ramming).

Touch Pad is fingerprint proofschlage_deadbolt_be469nxcam619

Since you can use a coded number to unlock the door, it only makes sense to include a touch pad that is finger print proof. After all, a would-be thief could see the oil residue left from your fingers to figure out your code. Luckily, with this lock that is not a problem.

You can also set up to 30 different codes, anywhere from 4 to 8 digits in length. However, all 30 codes must be of the same length.

Z-Wave Compatible

Since it is Z-Wave compatible, that means you can connect it to the rest of your smart home network. When connected to a central hub, such as the wink hub, you can control your door from your smart phone and even assign different key codes for people.

Even if you don’t have a central hub, or do not want to connect it to your network, the lock is still usable and provides many similar features if ‘offline’.

schlage_smart_lock_illuminatedIlluminated Touch Pad

This makes it so much easier to use at night, especially if you have a handful of groceries.

Auto-Lock Feature

Great for people who are forgetful. The deadbolt will automatically re-lock itself 30 seconds after being unlocked if enabled.

Time on the market

This deadbolt will have been on the market for four years as of January of 2017. This means a lot of the bugs in the firmware of the lock are been fixed and many of the compatibility issues have been addressed. For the majority of consumers this avoids many headaches and hours of frustration.

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Drawbacks of the Schlage Connect BE469NX CAM 619


Battery life

While this being debated it seems to come down to one major difference between users: Whether or not it is connected to a central hub. It appears that people who keep the lock connected to their hub experience shorter battery life. Those who are using the lock standalone appear to have a battery life (4 AA’s) of anywhere from 2 to 8 months. Obviously this will vary depending on use, temperature, etc.

Regardless, whether or not you plan on connecting this to a hub, its recommended to pick up some rechargeable batteries so you never run into the problem of not having batteries.

Installation / Alignmentschlage_lock_be469nx_installation

While it is not horribly difficult to install, you will have to take some time as it requires a precise alignment. This is due to the fact its electronic and your hand isn’t there to shake or move it in order for it to lock. On the other hand, Schlage does have some helpful videos with some tips that help you align it to have it run smoothly.

Technical details and compatibility

Specifications can be found here


This product is definitely a buy if you’re in the market for a new deadbolt lock. Its design and functionality are second to none and the touch screen makes accessing your home significantly easier than fumbling around for a key in the dark. Schlage provides a decent warranty on the product so in the case of a defective unit, or other problem it should be able to be replaced with relative ease.


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